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Friday, December 30, 2011

and Brother

...I just had to take some fun shots of younger brother!  So, we headed down to the local tree farm and within 20 minutes had all kinds of memorable Christmas pictures. 

I loved the red tractor and the evergreens, adding to the Christmas feel, but all in a very masculine setting.

And the texture on this barn was amazing


As the last remnants of autumn showed themselves in all their glory, I whisked this young lady around the loop near our neighborhood, finding treasure after treasure, beauty upon beauty.  And all of it just complimenting her youthful glow. 

And once I had this little photo shoot with big Sis...

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Glorious Fall!

Okay, so I admit...I'm a little behind.  Sometimes, life just does that to you.  But even though we are deep into Christmas celebration and all it's joy, I just had to share a few of my Autumn photo sessions.  The colors...oh my!  They were SOOO vibrant!  This little guy has to be my favorite model of all time (sorry parents, I'm a little biased).  I'm amazed at how I don't even have to tell him what to do.  He's such a natural! 

Did we have a blast throwing leaves.  Fall leaves are one of my absolute most favorite things.  I can't wait to stomp through them and hear them crunch or throw them up and watch them float down. 

I love this one.  This is pure cool. 

What a handsome guy!

So...Happy Fall, y'all, as they say in the south.  It IS technically still fall ya know.  :)  And if you want to see a few more, click on the Facebook link above!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Age of Exploration

I am inspired by and thankful for this young family.  So, I was delighted to take photos for them.  This little guy is at such a magical age...full of curiousity, exporation calling his name at every turn and absolutely no pretense.  At the age of one, children are fully at ease being themselves, going after what they want, loving and needing freely.  Totally reliant and totally trusting.  Without fear.  "Like a little child", Jesus said. 

And all of this is what I love most in photography...watching, being there, ready to see and capture a moment, unposed, unplanned.  Of course, there is some setting up that needs to happen...but with a one year old, even those photos are captured, because they are so real, so honest, SO not concerned with pleasing and posing.  Would that all of us could be that free!

I love this!  A flower for mom!  The little jeans.  Walking (stumbling) through the grass with stuffed animal in hand.  So SWEET!

always reaching for something, touching, learning, absorbing...all the while in the strong, secure arms of Daddy.

and the tender, adoring arms of Mom

My love and thanks to the Harbin family.  It has added to my joy!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Remembering my Dream Come True

Back in May, I literally had one of my dreams come true.  I was able to attend the esteemed Me Ra Koh Confidence Photography Workshop.  It wasn't just that I was able to was how I was able to attend.  Me Ra and her husband Brian graciously leave one spot in every workshop for a "Mom who is running on empty" and I was chosen from among all the nominations! In every way, it was amazing!  It was inspiring both personally and professionally.  It was refreshing, pampering, validating! I met wonderful women and new friends. Most of all, I'd have to say it was healing.  I felt like Cinderella for a weekend! 

So...I was excited to see pictures from our weekend on Me Ra's blog.  Pictures that the women took and pictures of us taking pictures!  (How fun!)  Click on the link below to see the entire blog.  You'll see a few of my shots and THEN you'll see ME!  :)

Just a hint...the posts you want to look at are from September 1st and 6th.  Also, in the pictures of the family in shots are the third row down...but EVERYONE's pictures look great!

Sometimes (well, maybe more than sometimes) it's good to look back and remember all the good things God has done for us.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Little Beauty

New life!  It is amazing, stunning and leaves us full of wonder.  It restores our faith in all that is good.  That tiny little life that has just entered the world has every grown up suddenly cooing and smiling and somehow younger...wrapped around their tiny finger.  And baby girls...their beauty and sweetness are more of what this world needs. 

I absolutely LOVE  black and whites for babies (well, if truth be told...for all my pictures!)  They are so timeless!

And those precious little toes!  Oh my goodness!!!

Every girl needs a bow.

And some ruffles!

I love how this shot accentuates how tiny her feet are next to mom's elegant hands.

Three little princesses in one family.  What a blessing!  This shot really shows the heart of these two big sisters, both loving and watching over their new baby.  SO sweet!

My thanks to this growing family for allowing me to photograph their newest adddition...and all the other beauties in the family as well!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Some days are just once in a lifetime, like when a Grandma comes all the way from Europe for a few very momentous days.  Family pictures were definitely in order!  I was a part of two of those precious hours together and felt incredibly honored!

And then what a great opportunity to get some pictures of Mom, Dad and the kids too!

We stretched out the photo shoot to two days to get more shots of the boys and their parents and I'm so glad we did!  Each day told a different part of the story of this family and their life together.

Beautiful family!!!!  Thank you for a couple of great days together!