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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Little Beauty

New life!  It is amazing, stunning and leaves us full of wonder.  It restores our faith in all that is good.  That tiny little life that has just entered the world has every grown up suddenly cooing and smiling and somehow younger...wrapped around their tiny finger.  And baby girls...their beauty and sweetness are more of what this world needs. 

I absolutely LOVE  black and whites for babies (well, if truth be told...for all my pictures!)  They are so timeless!

And those precious little toes!  Oh my goodness!!!

Every girl needs a bow.

And some ruffles!

I love how this shot accentuates how tiny her feet are next to mom's elegant hands.

Three little princesses in one family.  What a blessing!  This shot really shows the heart of these two big sisters, both loving and watching over their new baby.  SO sweet!

My thanks to this growing family for allowing me to photograph their newest adddition...and all the other beauties in the family as well!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Some days are just once in a lifetime, like when a Grandma comes all the way from Europe for a few very momentous days.  Family pictures were definitely in order!  I was a part of two of those precious hours together and felt incredibly honored!

And then what a great opportunity to get some pictures of Mom, Dad and the kids too!

We stretched out the photo shoot to two days to get more shots of the boys and their parents and I'm so glad we did!  Each day told a different part of the story of this family and their life together.

Beautiful family!!!!  Thank you for a couple of great days together!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Birthday Boys!

Today was good.  Today was fun.  Tomorrow is another one.  Dr. Suess

Last month, these two brothers celebrated their birthdays.  With birthdays just a few weeks apart, they had double the fun opening presents, eating cake and jumping around the bounce house.  I love this kind of photo shoot, because I can just catch the action as it happens, capturing all the fun and silliness...and just plain cuteness of all the kids!  It's so amazing to see all of their individual personalities come shining through my lens.

Happy Birthday, boys!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

An American Cowboy

The 4th of July.  What better time to dress up like a cowboy, an American icon!  And my son wanted to be one of the greatest cowboys of all!  Bruce Wayne . . . or John Wayne, as most of US know him.  :)  (Yes, sometimes he dresses up as Bruce Wayne, a.k.a Batman, too).  These are images that I will treasure forever, because they capture his imagination, his love of fun and this amazing season in his life called boyhood.