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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Remembering my Dream Come True

Back in May, I literally had one of my dreams come true.  I was able to attend the esteemed Me Ra Koh Confidence Photography Workshop.  It wasn't just that I was able to was how I was able to attend.  Me Ra and her husband Brian graciously leave one spot in every workshop for a "Mom who is running on empty" and I was chosen from among all the nominations! In every way, it was amazing!  It was inspiring both personally and professionally.  It was refreshing, pampering, validating! I met wonderful women and new friends. Most of all, I'd have to say it was healing.  I felt like Cinderella for a weekend! 

So...I was excited to see pictures from our weekend on Me Ra's blog.  Pictures that the women took and pictures of us taking pictures!  (How fun!)  Click on the link below to see the entire blog.  You'll see a few of my shots and THEN you'll see ME!  :)

Just a hint...the posts you want to look at are from September 1st and 6th.  Also, in the pictures of the family in shots are the third row down...but EVERYONE's pictures look great!

Sometimes (well, maybe more than sometimes) it's good to look back and remember all the good things God has done for us.