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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Age of Exploration

I am inspired by and thankful for this young family.  So, I was delighted to take photos for them.  This little guy is at such a magical age...full of curiousity, exporation calling his name at every turn and absolutely no pretense.  At the age of one, children are fully at ease being themselves, going after what they want, loving and needing freely.  Totally reliant and totally trusting.  Without fear.  "Like a little child", Jesus said. 

And all of this is what I love most in photography...watching, being there, ready to see and capture a moment, unposed, unplanned.  Of course, there is some setting up that needs to happen...but with a one year old, even those photos are captured, because they are so real, so honest, SO not concerned with pleasing and posing.  Would that all of us could be that free!

I love this!  A flower for mom!  The little jeans.  Walking (stumbling) through the grass with stuffed animal in hand.  So SWEET!

always reaching for something, touching, learning, absorbing...all the while in the strong, secure arms of Daddy.

and the tender, adoring arms of Mom

My love and thanks to the Harbin family.  It has added to my joy!